Because lifting is awesome!

More important than that, it is the answer to so many questions:

  • How do I get stronger?
  • I need to lose weight and want to look better. What should I do?
  • How do I put on muscle?
  • I want to be a better athlete…
  • What can I do to keep from get injured so much?

The answer to all these questions is the same. What’s so awesome is you can get strong, look great, feel amazing, improve your health, “bulletproof” your body, and be a better athlete with one activity. All you need to do is…

Learn To Lift!

The purpose of this site is very simple – teach people how to lift,  train themselves, and get great results.

My name is Jay, and this is what I’ve been doing for over 14 years as a personal trainer. I’ve worked almost everywhere: “big box” gyms, upscale personal training studios, physical therapy clinics, a Division-I athletic training facility (as a massage therapist), and now from my own facility!

I LOVE what I do, and now I’m able to combine 14 years of coaching, instructing, and “motivating” others in person with my personal experience and love for lifting into one useful resource that’s available anywhere, anytime.

What you’ll find here…

What I offer to members of my gym I want to offer to you. While you won’t get the full impact of my epic sense of humor and stellar personality (be thankful, I’m not that funny and kind of mean sometimes), I’m here to help you get what you want from your efforts in the gym.

I’m a pretty straightforward guy, so expect to find plenty of “nonsense-free” information on the nuts and bolts (or meat and potatoes if you’re a foodie) of resistance training, tips & tutorials for improving your exercise technique, and other relevant information on how to lift, train yourself, and get great results in and out of the gym.

If you have comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi you can drop me an email at